Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rainbow is on the Shared List

Fast Forward about a year. . . in February of this year I sent Rainbow's foster family a package for Chinese New Year. I received a very nice email from a staff worker at the Social Welfare Institute thanking me for the package. In the email she told me that paperwork had been submitted for Rainbow to be adopted internationally. I was so surprised since I had been told she was living in a permanent foster situation. Anyway, my husband and I were thrilled. Despite the fact that Rainbow lives with a loving foster family, we worry what her future will be like in China with her special need, cleft hands and feet.

Stephanie, the Waiting Child goddess at Great Wall China Adoption, has been watching for Rainbow to show up on the shared list ever since I received that email from the SWI. Finally, last week Rainbow was there. My husband and I feel strongly that she will be an incredible blessing to a family and are doing everything possible to increase her exposure in hopes of finding the family she is meant to join.

If you think you might be her family please contact me or Stephanie at GWCA. Even if you aren't a Great Wall family she will be more than happy to help you.

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  1. Hi,

    Have you posted to Rumor Queen yet? I found a family for a 9 yr old I was advocating for on Rumor Queen. This child is only 5, and much easier to find a family for then an older child. I found the 9 yr old's family within 6 weeks of posting, and they have PA now and working on being DTC.

    She is truly a beautiful child. God Bless you for doing this.

    Lee Ann